Cubee Time Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee Time Travel Adventure is a quirky slot by the creators at RealTime Gaming. I'll be honest with you folks, I've played a plethora of slot games in my day. I've tried out my different providers, and I've played tons of RealTime Gaming slots. I've noticed RTG is not afraid to take risks and try something different, and Cubee Time Travel Adventure is definitely something different. The mechanics are refreshing, and the format is pretty experimental. The kooky theme though is quite extraordinary in itself. Cubee is a cuddly creature who is an expert at rewarding big wins, too. You can win up to 50,000x your bet! There are three progressive levels, amazing special features and tons of tempting big wins just waiting for a lucky player to nab up.

<h2>Basics, Theme and Mechanics </h2>

Cubee is a fluffy yellow cube that nearly looks like a plushy, with adorable big eyes and a large grin. We must help him defeat his enemies! He wants to go back in time to rejoin his friends in Cubeeland, and he can't do it without our help. If you can help him, you'll receive prizes along the way and unlock a bonus round. When you begin playing, your journey starts at a stone age cave with Cubee's arch enemy, Rocco Lumbers. There is a swirling pool. which is a time portal and it's spitting out up to eight of Cubee's enemy monsters at a time. To beat these monsters, Cubee needs to eat them. The only catch is he can't eat monsters that are more powerful than him. He can only eat monsters who are equal to him in strength, or lower. There are also energy balls that appear randomly, and these energy balls allow Cubee the ability to eat stronger monsters. When you stand out, he can eat three or more green Caspers. If you trigger one energy ball, he can also eat yellow Spike. If you trigger two energy balls, you'll give Cubeee the strength to eat the blue Lucifers, and three energy balls gives him the strength to eat Red Bones and the rest of the monsters within the reel. Apart from the monster symbols, there are also weapons that have relevance to each time period. Some of the weapons will attack Rocco, and make him weaker. When his health meter drops, that time period ends and you portal through to the next level. You'll visit the era of Piracay, the age of the Vikings, and eventually you'll go back to Cubeeland and receive your bonus prize. As you probably can tell, this is hardly your average slot machine. If you aren't used to the mechanics of this game, as they are taking such an inventive approach to slot games, I recommend trying out the game for free for a while before making any bets. This isn't your average adventure by any means.