Great Golden Lion Slots

We have seen and heard tons about the Great Golden Lion Slots, as it is one of the newest video slots to hit the market, so we’re extremely eager to take a look at it today and see what opportunities await us. Apparently, it is a video slot featuring tons of bonuses, features and symbols, all of which are going to help you win impressive amounts. Don’t say no to an offer like that, because they don’t come around that often. If this video slot sounds like the right one for you, then find out all of the necessary information that you need below.

Graphics and attributes to consider

The Great Golden Lion Slots has been developed by the RTG software providers, who are pretty popular in the industry. They use RTG for short, but their real name is Real Time Gaming - perhaps you have heard of these guys before? They are tremendously well known as they always include tons of ways to win big, as well as graphics that are like something out of a movie. If these are two things that are really important to you, then I would definitely recommend trying out this slot, as it lives up to our standards and beyond.

There are 5 reels included in the Great Golden Lion Slots, as well as 243 paylines. It has to be said, these figures are already impressive enough, as they leave the door wide open for winning combinations. More importantly, there is a maximum cash jackpot of $500, which is pretty amazing and really urges us to keep on trying and play as much as we can, because the opportunity to win big amounts is right there in front of us. As well as that, there’s also a betting range beginning from $0.2 and that reaches all of the way up to $5.

Need to know features and symbols

The best features that are included here in the Great Golden Lion Slots include the likes of the scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spins, progressive jackpots and more. Seeing as this slot game comes from Chinese inspiration, there are tons of symbols that resemble this theme. Check them out for yourself and see whether they work for you.

The Great Golden Lion Slots in a nutshell

The Great Golden Lion Slots has been developed with its players' needs in mind, so give them a go now for yourself and see what you can accomplish. There are some huge possibilities here, so use them now and see.